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Colour My World How To Add Colour To Your Garden Sanctuary


Colour My World
How To Add Colour To Your Garden Sanctuary

Colour in your garden can really help define what you want the area to represent.  It reflects your style and the mood you wish to create. 

Quiet and peaceful... elegant and stylish... bold and flamboyant.
Making your garden YOU.

So how can we utilise colour to its best advantage and what can we use to provide that colour?

Starting with a plan can help avoid ending up with a mish-mash and clashing elements.

  • Think about what you want your final "feel" to be.  Calming?  Inspiring?  Motivating?  Invigorating?  Entertaining?  Or a combination.

  • What is your style?  Will it be formal and neat?  Rambling and natural?  Stylised and modern?  Comprised of different styles in different areas?

  • What purposes is your garden going to serve?   For holding outdoor entertaining functions?  Mostly for you just to relax and recharge?  Space for the family and pets to play and enjoy each others company?  An enchanting place full of secret areas and surprises?  A food forest of edible delights?

  • Do you have any permanent structures or "must have" features that you need to work into your plan?

  • What accent features might go well, and where might they be located?

Grab a pencil and begin drawing and scrawling ideas.  Having a roughly to scale diagram with measurements could be useful here.

If you need inspiration, borrow some appropriate magazines or books from your library for ideas.

Ok, now you have your basic plan down, it's time to think colours!

It may be useful to get hold of some free paint charts from your hardware store or paint shop.  These can help you visualise which colours will match or compliment each other well.

Thinking about the kind of atmosphere you want to create, which colours might generate that "feel"?

Do you want to add subtle subdued accents, or bold splashes of colour?  Which colours would be best for your desired effect?

What about materials and textures?  They add their own element, and also may somewhat dictate what colours are available.

Once you have a feel for the colours you are planning, think about what kinds of elements might provide those colours.  Here's some ideas to get your started:


Despite what many people think, plants don't just come in green.  Even within the green tones there is such variation.  You can also find foliage in tomes of yellows, reds, oranges, purples, blues, browns etc, plus stunning bracts of bright colours on plants such as poinsettias.  Coloured foliage can be used in wonderful combinations to create stunning effects.  Your plants are probably going to be your largest garden component, so use them to their best effect.


While fairly obvious, flowers can add dramatic highlights to garden areas.  If you research and plant accordingly, you can have flowers all year round.  Flowers aren't just beautiful to look at either.  They add fragrance as well as attracting desirable garden visitors such as birds and butterflies and other beneficial insects.

Paving and garden bed surrounds

Pavers can be a wonderful way to create living space to your outdoor area.  They come in such a wide variety of colours, shapes and textures that they can be used to make quite a strong impact.  The materials you use to define garden beds can also be found in different colours and textures.  Boulders, railway sleepers, natural logs, bricks, shaped concrete edgings of various sorts to name a few.

Floating Accents

If you have a pond or other water feature with space, floating objects can add beauty and colour.  One particularly elegant idea are special floating glass balls of various colours.  Floating candles can also be quite lovely.  High quality artificial flowers might be another option worth considering.  And, of course, natures own floating beauties- the waterlily. Even green floating water plants such as duckweed can make an attractive feature.

Hanging Features

Many beautiful hanging items can be found to suit any design.  Things that dangle, spin in the breeze and shimmer in the sunlight.  Wind-chimes and tinkling bells.  Ranging from natural tones to vibrant colours, it shouldn't be hard to find the ideal hanging ornaments.  Hanging baskets full of colourful plants are another great option.

Garden furniture

From formal outdoor settings to swinging seats and little hidden log benches, the furniture you use in your garden gives another opportunity to add colour.  Add some colourful cushions, or a bright canopied swing lounge.  Or use natural wood or glass for more muted tones.  When you are entertaining or dining outdoors you can also use table settings and decorations which will further enhance the mood.

Woodwork and other structures

Things such as fences, sheds, house walls, pergolas, verandas etc can definitely affect the overall feel of your area, so if possible either paint them in shades which compliment your desired result, or disguise them with plants, bamboo or brush screen sections or other materials.

Your garden is often truly your sanctuary from the outside world, so it is worth taking the time to plan and create something that will fulfil this goal.  You will be glad you did, as you spend many enjoyable hours soaking up the atmosphere.

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