Is Clutter Swallowing Your Home? Helpful Tips to Get it Out Fast!


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Is Clutter Swallowing Your Home? Helpful Tips to Get it Out Fast!


Is Clutter Swallowing Your Home?
Helpful Tips to Get it Out Fast!

Does the clutter in your home interfere with your life?  Do you feel embarrassed if people drop by to visit?  Find it hard to entertain?  Can never find what you are looking for?  Or just simply run out of places to store things?

You deserve to have a home that is easy to keep clean, where you can find what you want with ease, where everything has a place, and where your special items are honoured by being where you can admire them and use them.  A home where you don't have to jump into panic clean mode and stash things anywhere you can find a space, when mother-in-law calls to say she is coming over.  A comfortable relaxed home where you can entertain friends with pride.

All of this is so much easier when you de-clutter... and everything you keep has value in your life, and has a place where it belongs!

It's time to send your excess stuff packing!  Below are some useful thoughts and ideas to help do just that.

The inspiration and many of the thoughts contained in this article are thanks to an amazing lady, who likes to be known as Messy Mimi.  I think she should really be called Marvellous Mimi as her insight and wisdom have helped so many find the courage to face their clutter problem and take steps towards reclaiming their homes.  Hopefully you will find some of these points helpful also.

Helpful Tips to De-clutter your Home

Your possessions need to meet some basic criteria to deserve space in your home. If it doesn't...


  • If something has been in storage a long time and you haven't missed it- out it goes!
    Sometimes people end up moving packed boxes from house to house, and never even opening them in between!  Or store boxes of items long term in storage units. That is usually a good indication that you don't really need it!

  • If it belongs to someone else- out it goes! 
    Return it to the owner, or give the owner notice you want the item out of your home.  Don't be a storage facility for your grown children, or anyone else!

  • If Cousin Prudence gave you an ugly old dinner set that you can't bear to even look at, let alone use- out it goes! 
    Don't fall into the trap of keeping things just because they were presents or given to you by well meaning friends or relatives.    Also develop the skill of saying NO, if people tend to bring you their unwanted items or hand-me-downs.

  • If you have 2 or more of the same basic item- out it goes! 
    Even if not quite the same, you really only need to keep one of anything that performs a similar function.  Choose the best, most attractive, most easily cleaned, or whatever criteria you see as important.

  • If you haven't slept in it, sung in it, eaten in it, gone out in it, worn it to religious services, worked in it, lounged in it, or just plain worn it in a year or more- out it goes! 
    Clothes that no longer serve even an occasional use do not deserve space in your wardrobe.  You may wish to make exceptions to this for items such as funeral wear, your wedding dress and special keepsake baby clothes.  Also, clothes which will be passed down to the younger children- but be careful you don't end up with too many, or store for so long that they deteriorate!

  • If it does not fit you right now (or will very soon)- out it goes! 
    If you are losing weight, but it will take some time, it may be out of style and you deserve new stuff anyway!  If you are pregnant on the other hand, you will probably want to keep some items and see how they look and feel post-baby.

  • If it is something you bought and later decided you didn't like, because it was not really you, or it didn't look the same as it did in the fitting room- out it goes! 
    It's not going to become more your style later, and you've already spent the money on it, so don't waste any more money giving it storage space that should go to clothes you do wear.

  • If it was your style back then, but isn't now- out it goes! 
    People's tastes change, their bodies change, fashions change, the rest of their wardrobe changes.  There's no point in keeping items just because you "loved it back in the 70's", or maybe it will come back in fashion again one day.

  • If it is not quite the right colour or texture- out it goes! 
    Maybe you bought an item thinking it would match that skirt you have... or go nicely with the curtains in your lounge room, but on getting it home you found that it just wasn't quite right.  Send it on its way to a new home, and find the right coloured item for yourself.

  • If it doesn't go with anything else- out it goes! 
    Do you have a garment that, while you like it well enough, you can never find anything that really goes with it, even though you have looked many times?  Admit defeat and let it go.

  • If it needs more than a small repair- out it goes!
    Unless you are really sure you will get to mending it within the next week or so, broken or torn items etc often just end up being clutter.

  • If it does not make you feel fabulous when you wear it- out it goes!
    (Does not apply to specific grungy clothes kept for painting, gardening or other messy work, and maybe a couple of comfortable old lounging outfits.)  Why settle for mediocre or downright ugly?  Feeling good in what you are wearing will give you increased confidence.  Get rid of anything that doesn't make the grade!

  • If it does not bring a big smile to your face, give you pleasure, create beauty or make life easier-
    out it goes!
    Keep only what you love, and what brings you joy to wear or use.  Everything else can go find a new home!

  • If you can't make a decision about some things, box them up and put away for 6 months... if you haven't needed any of them in that time- OUT IT GOES!

  • Donate stuff to a thrift/goodwill type store, and let them store the stuff for you! If you get lonely for it, you can always go visit it... and the 3 others the same on the shelves. :)

  • Acknowledge that de-cluttering can be emotionally charged and overwhelming at times.  If you find the process very stressful,  go as slowly as you need to avoid burnout... just don't stop trying!!!  Take plenty of breaks- even working 15 minutes a day on de-cluttering adds up over time.  Make sure you stay well nourished and hydrated.  Protect yourself in dusty or dirty areas. 

  • Trust that if you needed another of something, one day, they will still be available. Release this item to someone who needs it now.  If you continually give, you will continually have, because you will make room in your life for the new.

Every item you keep costs you. You are paying "rent" to give it room in your house. Is it worth the rent?  Do you want to be paying X amount of dollars per week to store it?

Every item you don't need chokes you.  It chokes out who you can grow to be. It sucks the life out of you. It surrounds you and closes in on you.  It weighs down your mind, because you have to take care of it and give it room in your house and your mind.

It is taking up space in your life that you need for living right now! You can't live the future right now, live the today, trust God or the Universe for the tomorrow.

Free yourself, and allow your un-needed items to bless another family... be recycled and given new life... or even thrown away if there is no further use for them.

You are doing the world no good when you drown in too much stuff. You are not "saving the world" from more stuff going in a landfill by turning your home into a personal dump. You are just creating an extension of the landfill, that you have to live in.  You deserve to live in better... in a comfortable, clutter free home! We all do.
Tips for de-cluttering

Make this your mantra- "I want to make room in my life for my life. Especially for my life right now. Not my life as I wish it was. Not my life as it might be in the future. My life right now."

May you find peace and uncluttered freedom, in your home, your mind and your life!

If you have a serious problem with clutter or hoarding, you can find support and encouragement here.

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