Magic On The Breeze: Wind Chimes, Bells, Water and Birds


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Magic On The Breeze: Wind Chimes, Bells, Water and Birds


Magic On The Breeze
Wind Chimes, Bells, Water and Birds


In creating an enchanted space for your life, one of the elements that really adds an extra special dimension is sound. Sounds can calm, excite, inspire and transport you to another place and time.

The garden is an ideal canvas for developing a sanctuary, with sounds that help it transcend those common in everyday hustle and bustle life. Let's explore some ideas for surrounding ourselves with inspiring sounds.


My first thoughts revolve around preparing our space so that the sounds I don't want are kept out, allowing me to more fully immerse myself in the sounds I have chosen.

  • Tall, solid fences and walls are a good basic start to blocking outside noises. The thicker the walls, the more sound will be dampened. There are fencing products designes specifically for noise reduction. And going that bit higher will also have an effect- 4-5 metres is ideal, though not always practical or affordable.

  • Hay bales can also be used to block excess noise in an area, but do biodegrade after a while, and can also be an invitation for unwanted pests to set up home in your garden.

  • A great second layer defence is to plant lots of thick, bushy plants or hedges in front of your fences. Not only do they really help dull sound, but they provide great habitat to wildlife, as well as attractive leaves and flowers, with their accompanying wonderful scents!

  • An enclosed area such as under a pergola or veranda, or in a courtyard formed by the walls of your home, can also provide a lowered sound level.


Now that we have our tranquil hideaway's noise muted as much as possible, let's get to the fun part... choosing the sounds that will create the magical atmosphere we seek!



To me, no garden would be complete without one, or several, sets of beautiful windchimes. They can also be used inside your house, wherever you get a breeze, for added delight. Windchimes have been used thoughout history for various purposes- they brought good luck, calmed the spirit and enhanced many religious ceremonies and structures to name a few. Windchimes also feature in Feng Shui practises.

The tone and volume of a windchime depends partly on the material it is made from, and the actual size and structure of the chime itself.

Windchimes are created from various materials, such as wood, bamboo, shell, ceramic, glass, copper, aluminium, brass and pewter.

It's a good idea to visit some shops which sell different kinds of windchimes and actually try them out for yourself to determine what kind you prefer. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just one kind!

Try to hang the windchimes in places where they will catch the breeze. Be cautious though if you have very strong wind gusts, as your chimes may get damaged. Also, keep tall people's heads in mind.


Bells can be used alone, or in harmony with windchimes. Single bells, strands, or fancy hanging arrangements can add a sweet tinkle here and there.

For a special feature a large gong can be quite striking (pun intended) and can add some fun to an outdoor event.


Water is such a fundamental element in human living. People are drawn to water and water features such as fountains and small cascading waterfalls can be used in the garden to great effect. Not only do they add wonderful sounds such as bubbling, splashing and trickling (yes, they may increase the need for use of another indoor "water feature" :) ), but also a calming visual impact and a source of water for many garden "visitors".

Fountains come in almost any variety you can imagine, so it's not difficult to find one that suits the "feel" of your garden. A pool can be greatly enhanced by a small bubbling fountain coming out of its depths. Not only does this provide sound, but helps aerate the water for the water creatures living in the pond.

Create enchanting little waterfalls in your pool or "creek" setting using big rocks and plants such as ferns, mosses and other delicate water loving varieties.


Nothing brings home the feel of nature to us more than the sweet sound of birdsong in our gardens. With a little enticement, we can greatly increase these welcome visitors.

  • Provide a water source, such as a pond, fountain or birdbath.

  • Grow lots of plants! These will provide safe perches for the birds, nesting areas, as well as potential food sources in the form of flowers or habitat for insects. Choose different varieties that will flower at various times of the year, to provide nectar for as much of the year as possible.

  • Certain plants will be more attractive to specific bird species... so think about what birds that live in your region that you would most like to attract, and plant accordingly.

  • Try to minimise dangers to the birds, such as cats, things they could become entangled in and poisonous substances. If you have free roaming cats in thye area, try to provide food and water sources at a higher level, out of easy access to cats. If the cat situation is bad however, you may need to rethink the idea of trying to deliberately attract birds to your garden, for their own safety.




Music to suit your mood can add another dimension to your little patch of paradise. This either needs to be sourced from inside and piped out to speakers that are protected from the elements, or the equipment needs to be located in a protected area outside.

You may like to choose to play natural sound recordings, with or without music... or maybe pan flute music to enhance your windchimes. The choice is yours. Wahtever gives you peace, or joy, or motivation.


Now that you have created a haven of beautiful sounds... sit back, close your eyes, become immersed, as you let go of your daily worries and stresses and listen to the magic on the breeze.

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