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Bird Insurance



With the ever rising costs for veterinary bird care, many pet bird owners are now turning to bird insurance policies for peace of mind in times of emergency. While many pet insurance companies focus on covering just cats and dogs, there are a handful that offer comprehensive pet bird insurance policies.

If you are wondering if a bird insurance policy is right for your bird then this is the best place to start your research.


When looking for bird insurance policies, consider Aviary Bird Insurers, situated in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Aviary Bird Insurance Package

An all-in-one insurance package, targeting the specific risks and requirements of bird aviaries. Aviary owners must ensure that the insurance they select protects them against the common hazards associated – whether for personal or commercial use.

To provide the most accurate insurance for aviary owners, the following risks must be considered:

  • Injury, death or loss of birds
  • Spread of disease or infection
  • Animal attack
  • Property damage
  • Loss of equipment, feed and supplies
  • Liability of visitors or contractors

In the past, bird aviary owners would need to apply multiple insurance policies to ensure that their investments and stock are completely protected, but this can be extremely expensive, time consuming and stressful.

See Aviary Bird Insurers at Insurance for Birds to clarify your requirements.

Bird Insurance
Photo: Nick Egglington


All bird lovers will have gleaned from personal experience an awareness of the needs to be careful when it comes to the security of your aviary birds. This bird insurance product is designed to assist financially when disaster strikes.

Who may apply for bird insurance cover?

All hobbyists who are current members of any Avicultural Society.

The bird isurance policy

The policy is underwritten by a leading Australian Insurance company. The scope of the cover and conditions applicable have been jointly developed by Remingtons Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd and the Insurance company. This product has provided valuable financial protection to aviculturilists Australia wide for the past 20 years.

Scope of bird insurance cover

Means physical loss of, destruction of or damage to, property, caused by;
(a) fire (whether resulting from explosion or otherwise) not occasioned by its own spontaneous fermentation or heating or its undergoing any process involving the application of heat.
(b) lightning or thunderbolt.
(c) civil authorities through attempts to prevent the spread of fire.

Means theft or attempted theft consequent upon actual forcible and violent entry upon the premises.

Malicious Damage

Means damage to property caused by vandalism by persons other than tenants.

Means physical loss of, destruction of, or damage to property caused by;
(a) aircraft or other aerial devices or articles dropped therefrom, sonic boom.
(b) earthquake, subterranean fire, volcanic eruption.
(c) storm, tempest, rainwater, wind, hail but not
(1) by water from or action of the sea, tsunami, tidal wave, high water and flood.
(2) to gates, fences, retaining walls, textile awnings and blinds.
(3) to property in the open air unless such property comprises or forms part of a permanent structure designed to function without the protection of walls or roof.
(4) by erosion, subsidence or landslide or any other movement of earth.
(d) riots, civil commotions, strikes or locked out workers or persons taking part in labour disturbances or malicious persons not being tenants or any lawfully constituted authority in connection with the foregoing acts but not;
(1) cessation of work whether total or partial.
(2) cessation, interruption or retarding of any process or operation as a direct result of strikes, labour disturbances or locked out workers.
(e) explosion but not damage to boilers (other than boilers used for domestic purposes only), economizers, vessels under pressure or their contents resulting from their own explosion.
(f) impact by;
(1) vehicles designed primarily for use on land
(2) Animals

Full details on their Bird Insurance Policy.

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Pet insurance is becoming more and more popular in Australia as the benefits of covering pets against illnesses and accidents are recognised.

Pet Insurance offers you peace of mind. If your pet is involved in an accident or suffers a sudden illness the medical costs can be several hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, many pets are euthanased each year as owners are unable to meet these unexpected costs. Pet Insurance is your safeguard against this outcome. See Petalia for all your Pet Insurance needs.


Aviary Bird Insurance
Photo: Wong Mei Teng



Pet insurance is becoming more common, but one of the more specialised areas has got to be exotic bird insurance. Exotic birds are pets too, and given that they can often be quite expensive it makes sense to have them fully insured.

Insurance for exotic birds should always be sought to cover things like vets bills, theft of the bird and injury to it, as the costs incurred from any of these things can quickly add up.

Bird vets bills can be expensive, so cover for this should be the very least that’s offered in a bird insurance policy. The theft of exotic birds is also on the rise, with the price of many birds being high on the black market. Because this is becoming a frequent problem having cover against the potential theft of the bird should also be included, particularly when you consider the amount it could cost you to replace it. See here for more information on Exotic Bird Insurance.

Exotic Bird Insurance
Photo: Nick Egglington
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