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FLEA CONTROL Pets are wonderful... but the fleas that can infest them are not!

Dog fleas, cat fleas, fleas on other pets! Fleas that give your pets nasty itchy bites, which can also lead to skin problems and other irritations, plus several other potential health concerns for the animal ...and people can get flea bites too!

Any kind of pest control presents a problem, and getting a flea infestation problem under control can be a particularly difficult challenge.

Fleas breed in carpet and other areas of your home, so you really need flea products which deal with complete flea life cycle stages, including flea eggs, larva and pupa, not just the adult fleas.

Following are some suggestions for flea control products:

Cat flea treatment ideas



Spot on flea treatments are probably the best start to flea eradication. There are some excellent ones available, for dog flea treatment and cat flea treatment, that work on all flea stages.

Some of these are Advantage flea control, Advocate flea control, Frontline flea treatment, and Revolution flea control treatment.

These also often come in special packs for treating kittens fleas or fleas on puppies. Some of these products can also be used for tick control and various dog or cat worms, including heartworm in some cases.

There are also some cheaper supermarket brand spot on flea treatments, but these are designed to kill only adult fleas, so don't tend to offer a long term solution, especially for heavy infestations. Flea medication is available that can be used orally, and there are also flea control injections available.



Flea shampoos can be used, however once again they tend only to kill adult fleas on the animal. Other flea treatments such as flea powder and flea collars are similar in this regard.


Various natural and organic flea control products are also available, using pyrethrin, lemon, eucalyptus leaves, tea tree oil, lavender oil or other plant based ingredients.  As the video below explains, care must be taken when using these ingredients, making sure that a safe dilution is used, not full strength applied to the animal.


For bad flea infestation other areas of the home and yard should be treated for fleas also. Bedding should be washed in very hot water. Kennels, beds, baskets and outdoor areas which show sign of fleas, carpets etc should be sprayed with flea spray, or, for enclosed areas, flea bombs can be effective.

Don't forget to remove or cover food, fish aquariums etc, and cover anything else you don't wish to get the spray on, before using. Thoroughly wash surfaces used for food preparation, or those where animals or children might come into contact with the chemical.


Flea prevention is much easier than flea eradication, so start using flea control products right from the start, and keep it up regularly.

Cat flea treatments and dog flea treatments are available at veterinary clinics and most pet shops. Treatments for other animals may need a more specialised supplier.

Dog Flea Treatment buy


The absolute best place to find discount flea control products is online pet supplies outlets. You can make quite a massive saving, with a bit of searching of various websites for the best prices.

Hopefully this has given you a few tips on how to get rid of fleas, so that you and your pet can enjoy an itch free life together!

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